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Pet Eye Infections

When a pet has an eye infection, it can be a scary experience. The eye may look inflamed and painful, and the animal may paw at it, due to the discomfort. These infections are fairly common and can be diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian. At Peace Arch Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians in Surrey provide effective treatment for pet eye infections.

Causes of Pet Eye Infections

In some cases, a small scratch on the surface of the eye can lead to an infection that progressively worsens and requires veterinary treatment. Allergies can cause irritation and swelling of the eyes. Certain eye diseases can also cause symptoms in pets. If your pet is exposed to irritants, such as smoke or chemical vapors, it could cause inflammation and infection of the eyes. Like people, pets can get a foreign object stuck in their eyes, which can cause problems. Parasites may cause eye inflammation. Pets can also sustain injuries to the eye from incidents such as a fight with another animal or an accident.

Symptoms of An Eye Infection

The eyes may become red and swollen. The lids may cover part or the entire eye. There may be a discharge from the eyes. The animal may rub the eyes against carpeting or blankets to relieve itching and discharge. Your pet may not be able to see clearly out of the eye and may tilt the head to try to bring things into clearer view.

Diagnosing Eye Infections and Other Problems

A visual inspection is done to determine the extent of the infection. The vet may also apply a stain on the surface of the eye to see if there are any abnormalities. A bacterial culture is sometimes performed. If allergies are suspected, testing to find which allergen is the culprit may also be needed.

Treatment for Pet Eye Infections

Medications in the form of drops or ointment are often prescribed that must be administered several times each day. The veterinarian will teach you how to apply the medication effectively. A follow-up visit to our animal hospital is usually required to ensure the medication is working properly.

Make Peace Arch Veterinary Hospital Your Veterinarian in Surrey, BC

Our veterinarians and team at Peace Arch Veterinary Hospital are committed to providing our patients in Surrey with the highest quality animal care. We offer many veterinary services for pets, including wellness care, dental care, and treatment for eye infections. Call our team today at (604) 536-3131